Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New blooms

This is the back deck. Gloriosa Daisy finally bloomed. I planted these from seed and boy have I babied them. Something has been eating on them though.

My very first sunflower ever...about to bloom. Something has been eating the leaves on them too!If you click my photos to enlarge them, they are so much better.

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Debbie and Mike said...

Hey girl! Thanks for sharing! That sunflower that is fixing to open is something else when you enlarge the picture. it almost looks like corn on the cob in there. LOL! It will be so pretty. Cool idea to have a gardening blog. We just have the family thing. Of course, I really have no garden. Have some potted plants, but nothing arranged like you have. Your veggies look good too. I bet I have a plant you might like to have. Keep up the good work!