Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Future Patio

Our neighbors are landscaping and getting rid of all their bricks around the flower beds. They are giving them to us and we are going to make a patio out of them (or try to). If you know Lonny and I, you know it is the same as giving us gold. Heehee! I told him we were like Sanford and Son.


Janet said...

Thats a lotta bricks, hehe

Patti said...

I want to see the patio when its finished!

Patti said...

Ashley and her family still have no electricty or water. She called today and asked if she and Avery could come here for a few days since they arent having school in Lufkin, so of course I said yes(anything to see my grandbaby!) They are here now. Aaron and his wife still have no electricity also.
I saw your sister at the grocery store tonight and we talked for a few minutes.