Monday, December 1, 2008

Old Family Home Place

This is the farm house that my great grandfather and grandfather were raised in. We use it for our family get togethers. We are so blessed to have this old home place and all our heritage right there.

Mom, Dad, Logan, Michelle & Jayson and my cousin Brandi (can you tell which are the newly weds?)

Me, Grandma, and my cousin Shelee (I see her hiding that cookie behind her back)

Old Family Photos

Me and Pop

Farm equipment Pop used growing up.

I love this door. Look at the pretty glass. I think it is the original. A dirt dobber has been on it I see.

The House

Tater Shed (are we country or what) LOL



Patti said...

Tracy, those are wonderful pictures!I'm so glad you posted about your family's farmhouse!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

What a great place to celebrate your family! Lovely photos, and you all look like you had a wonderful time, too.
xo Lidy

Tammie said...

WOw that is a great pic of you and Pop...I wish I could have been there... o well got to spread my cheer all about ha ha ha...those all were good pics!