Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas was great! We all celebrated at our house and I had a great time! OK... I ate like a pig. Now!!! I have said it. It sure was fun too.
The kids got us a fire pit for Christmas and I can't wait to get it put together and get a fire in it! We'll roast marshmallows and eat some more!!! Yes there is a theme to this post. LOL
Hope you all had a great day too!!!


Tammie said...

Pigs of a feather flock together...o well we got a whole year to work it off!

Patti said...

We are still piging out! LOL My kids are here right now, so we are still having Christmas! I havent had time to post, but will as soon as things have settled down! Happy New Year!!

Shelee said...

Tammie told me about some of your postings so I finally logged in to check it out. We missed you Christmas eve. I will be working off the Christmas pigging as well. Tammie mentioned "a whole year" she planning something?

The Muse said...

lol lol cute lol

jayson said...

hey...where are the pictures?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy,
I hear you on the eating like a pig. What is it about Christmas that just gives us cart blanche to eat whatever we want....LOL!! A fire pit, we would love to have one of those. Take a pic of it and put it on your blog so we can see it.