Monday, April 6, 2009

What to do now????????

Well back in June I decided to do a garden blog. I decided to link it up with I Love plants website. Well I waited and blogged and waited and blogged on...several months passed and they still hadn't approved me, so I decided I would just blog about decorating and family and also gardening. I posted to remove me from their list since my blog would not be appropriate for the garden site. Well guess what? Today I noticed they had finally put me on their website 10 monts later. So now what do I do? Maybe I'll just do this blog about gardening? Hummm? So if you came to this site from I Love Plants...that is what the deal is!


Lisa said...

Tracy I'm not familiar with that website. They have to approve you? Well it shouldn't take anybody with any sense 10 months to find out that you're wonderful(: Friend whatever you decide to blog about I'm gonna read it!

Tracy said...

Tracy I love your blog ,we have lots in common two son,s and a wonderfull daughter inlaw too.... love your garden snaps too. cheers TRACY

Lisa said...

You're right about the Jessamine. I post date my posts. Shhh Don't tell. It makes life so much simpler!

Gracie said...

I also had to get approved for a cooking site..but it sure didnt take 10 months,thats just silly.
I am glad you blog about all kinds of this ,and garden's.Makes it more intresting.Love your blog.
Sorry... I know this is going back awhile.