Tuesday, August 4, 2009

30 Years...

Thirty years ago today I married the love of my life...Happy Anniversary Lon I love you!!!


Tammie said...

Happy Anniversary! love ya'll

Lisa said...

How cute were ya'll? Happy Anniversary friend!

Patti said...

Happy Anniversary!! (Sorry Im late!)

Brenda said...

Oh, how I remember those clothes! Happy Anniversary!

Gracie said...

Hi Tracy
My name is Tracy too...but here I go by Gracie:)
Its your name that struck me first,I saw it on Bella Vista...Then your post on the death of your friend.(I'll comment on that there.)
Happy annivarsy to you and your hubby.
Ive been through your blog and enjoyed my visit so much I wanted to follow,but you dont have a button...Unless Iam blind???:)
I'll be back to visit soon.

Tracy said...

Ooops Barbara, I accidently deleted your comment...it was duplicated and I was just going to delete one. I'm so sorry!