Monday, August 10, 2009

Grapevine and Roses

Dozen Red Roses Hubby bought me for our 30 year anniversary. They look like velvet. They are so pretty...he did good.

We have had trouble with wild grapevine growing in the azaleas by the deck...well we got tired of fighting them so we're letting them grow over the pergola...we're liking it. Goes to show you... don't fight nature! I have got to get rid of that ugly white pot hanging on there. Actually I really need to clean the whole jungle off the deck. LOL


Stacey said...

Your pergola is so pretty! I actually like grapevine. My mom used to have it growing on the side of her house. Sometimes grapes would drape right in front of the window! It was pretty. We have trumpet vine on our pergola and it drops flowers making a huge mess daily! I would like to take it out but the hummingbirds love it!

Lisa said...

Girl, you need to make some wreaths out of that grapevine...and send me one!:) Your anniversary roses are beautiful. Your hubby did do good!

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Tracy, Happy anniversary!! Thanks for your nice comments on my aunt's decorating. I will be posting her house soon so be sure and check back, it is gorgeous!! Have a great rest of the week, Kristen

Tootsie said...

it looks wonderful! I have been trying to grow grapevines in Alberta....not as easy for me here as it is for them there! lol

Gracie said...

Yes he did good.Aren't loving husbands wonderful.
Tell I too think the roses are just gorgeous.
I love the grape vine...a little Tuscany in your own back yard,cool.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Tracy...
I just noticed that you have done me the honor or following my blog.
I am delight! Unfortunately I have not done much lately but I am trying to get up to speed once again.
Your blog is lovely, by the way. I had to smile when you mentioned what appears to be a tiny pot hanging..that no one but you probably noticed. I do that sometimes..You buy a pot with lovely plants in it...they die and the pot hangs...then one day you really SEE it. :)
I related to that.
Anyway...welcome. It will be fun getting to know you!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

The roses are gorgeous - Happy Anniversary! I love your pergola & I think grapevine is perfect for it - lovely!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Dear Rooster Party Participant,

Just a reminder that the Rooster Party is this Friday, August 28th. I am so glad you joined and I'm really looking forward to seeing your Roosters.

Hope you have a wonderful time!


Daisy Cottage said...

Good Morning Tracy!

Your pergola is perfect... mine is so sad - empty and forlorn...

Please come here and give it your magic touch!


Anonymous said...